Tuesday, April 8, 2014

growth aid exam (2nd session) update

Posted by Yahya at 7:37 PM
I meant to update on this a month ago, sorry for the wait.

And not only am I late, but I didn't do all the things I should have this round. For example, I didn't take pictures along with my measurement recordings this time, so I have no real evidence for my skeptical audience. When I realized I've been forgetting to take pictures, in the back of my mind I thought "Well, it's okay, since I'm not going to trim my hair until exam season is over."

 ... ...I also broke my promise and trimmed my hair. I've been a bad girl. Bad Yahya.

I trimmed because I measured badly and panicked. Usually when I measure, I measure about 3 times for accuracy. Having new growth and uneven ends can make measuring tricky. Well, I measured once and I was getting a result saying I lost two inch. I panicked, wasn't thinking measuring again more carefully to confirm, and did a nice thorough trim. I measured again... and it was an inch longer then what I had just measured...

Yeah, I messed up. But I'm kinda glad that I trimmed because my ends feel a lot thicker.

4/12/14, New growth after scarf method. Varies from 2-4 inches,
which implies that the growth methods I've used don't affect my entire scalp.

 january 15 to 21 - Did the inversion method for 1 week, this time doing the hot oil and washing parts to see if there would be a difference in growth. Last time I measured, which was around the end of December, my hair was measuring 24 inches. After trying the inversion method with the hot oil and washing parts, I was measuring 25 inches. Excluding my normal growth rate, that's an extra 1-2 cm of growth. So I didn't see any dramatic change compared to doing the inversion alone.
january 22 to 28 - Did the inversion method again for 1 week, this time without the hot oil and washing parts. There are girls out there who can do the inversion method without experiencing degrading results. I was testing to see if I was one of these lucky girls. Sadly, I'm not. I saw no growth.
january 31 to february 28 - Applied a sulfur mix to my scalp and did the green house effect method every other day. I measured 27 inches, 2 inches in 5 weeks (4 weeks of application). The growth also appeared to come out thicker.
march 1 to 7 - Did the inversion method, ghe method, and sulfur mix for 1 week. I didn't see the results of this because this is when I measured badly and trimmed my hair. I mis-measured to 25 inches, trimmed, and then measured 26 inches.

I didn't do anything after, because I was entering mid term period. Currently, I just started applying sulfur mixes alone. My recipe and results will be continued another time.


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