Tuesday, March 18, 2014

short vs. long transitioning hair (relaxed to JHS)

Posted by Yahya at 11:15 AM
Does short hair transition from relaxers to japanese straightening easier? In my sorta recent setback post I mentioned the idea, and here's the quote.

"So for those of you relaxed heads out there, be careful if you're planning on transitioning. I've seen other girls transition more gracefully, but now that I think about it they had shorter hair. The ends of their hair not being as old as mine may have something to do with it."

I was thinking out loud as I wrote this, but now I've come across some evidence that supports my theory. Since my last touch-up I've been saying to myself that my bangs (or are they too long to be called bangs? I'm not sure what to call them) are too long and that I have to cut them, but have been constantly putting it on delay. So I can't believe it took me so long to realize this. The long bangs I keep is an example of short hair transitioning to jhs from relaxers.

(If you haven't noticed from many of my pictures,
at home I'm always wearing robes.
usually in conjunction with pajamas.)

The first picture was taken after my second, home attempt, jhs touch-up. The second picture was after my most recent third touch-up. You can see the difference in length and the better retention. The point is, my short front hair gains length like normal while my long hair struggles with retention.

I've said this many times, but I can never say it enough. Unless you want to be risky, when transitioning from relaxers, it's very important to find a hair stylist that knows what they're doing (that could be you if you know what you're doing) and make sure they use a strong protection cream. Make sure they use a protection cream! (my hair didn't disintegrate or anything after, but I'm still not happy how hair ib just rinsed out the jhs on my naked hair. I think its got more of a brown undertone now from that. If I wasn't so on top of my hair it could have disintergrated.)


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