Wednesday, February 26, 2014

my top 5 cheapie conditioners

Posted by Yahya at 7:16 PM
The title might be a little misleading because not all the conditioners I'm listing are exactly "cheap" per say. The price range going from $1 to around $10. When healthy hair journey girls say cheapie conditioners, we're usually talking about non-expensive moisture conditioners we mix with other things (like homemade deep conditioners or leave-ins) or for cowashing. The following conditioners are ranked by price, quality, and accessibility. They're not exactly ranked from my least to most favorite, but by how significant they are to my regimen.


  • price : $10
  • quality : 3 out of these 5
  • accessibility : Only available during my odd visits to Vitamin Shoppe
  • review : I bought White Camellia after finishing and being wowed by Aubrey Organic's Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. It was good, did what it promised, but didn't quite meet my expectations. It's a great conditioner, left my hair with a great fragrance, but I feel that Trader Joe's Nourish Spa is slightly better and with a much cheaper price. It's a conditioner I only used once, but might buy again on a whim.

  • price : $1-4
  • quality : 1 out of these 5
  • accessibility : V05 is available at just about any dollar store and beauty supply; Suave at any pharmacy or department store
  • review : V05 and Suave's conditioners are like the representatives of cheapie conditioners. you really get your bang for your buck. Suave might seem not that cheap, but it is when you consider the size of the bottle. I hardly ever use them alone, but use them in recipes in association with one of the other conditioners in this list. They're like helpers.

  • price : $10
  • quality : 5 out of these 5
  • accessibility : only available during my odd visits to Vitamin Shoppe
  • review : The greatest conditioner in the world. No, I'm not exaggerating. the only reason it's lower in the list is because it's on the expensive side compared to the others. When I use it I feel like I have to use it sparingly, and I don't like that feeling. I don't keep this conditioner on hand, But it's my go to when I feel like my hair is leaning into protein overload or needs some kind of saving.

  • price : $2
  • quality : 4 out of these 5
  • accessibility : only available at Trader Joe's, but I go to the grocery at least once a month.
  • review : Not the greatest, but my favorite, does that make sense? It's just so cheap and great quality at the same time! And it's easy to get my hands on. The only problem that makes it imperfect is one ingredient: organic textured soy protein. It's not like I'm one of those girls that's so afraid of protein that I won't use anything with protein in it. It's not like the ingredient is high in the list. And it's not like the protein is hydrolyzed, so it can't properly stick to the hair after being rinsed. But that one ingredient just restricts me sometimes. For example, I'm afraid to use it in my kimmaytube leave-in because the protein isn't being rinsed and can accumulate on my hair. Another example, I'm afraid to use it the week after a medium or heavy protein deep conditioning.

  • price : $5 (update: price increased to $9 around my local stores)
  • quality : 2 out of these 5
  • accessibility : available at just about any pharmacy, department store, and beauty supply store
  • review : My third favorite, after Nourish Spa and Honeysuckle Rose. just like Nourish Spa, it's easy to get my hands on and so cheap for it's great quality. The quality might not by as good as Nourish Spa, but it only has moisture ingredients. Well, coconut can kind of be considered protein. It's also a big bottle for it's price like Suave, But last time I went to Walgreens I didn't see the normal 23.7 fl ounce bottle again, but a smaller one the same price. Did herbal essence increase the prices for each bottle size, or was it just that walgreens? I sure hope not. This conditioner was my most recent addition to my regimen, we were just becoming good friends. 


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