Sunday, February 9, 2014

hair length charts

Posted by Yahya at 9:27 PM
Today, lets talk about describing hair length! Most of us know those basic labels: neck length, shoulder length, bra strap length, etc. It sounds simple and straight forward, but people do often get confused when trying to figure out what length they should currently claim. This is especially true as your hair gets longer, because the labels get more vague. For example, where exactly does your waist and hip start? And with some people, like me, waist and hip length are only an inch away from each other. So I'm going to break it down further, giving these labels more detailed descriptions.
  • ear length - From touching your ears to above your chin, a boyish cut.
  • chin length - Starts at your chin, this length is usually a bob. 
  • neck length - Starts in the middle of your neck.
  • shoulder length - Not just above your shoulders and not just pass your shoulders, it starts where your hair touches your shoulders. You might be thinking this one is straight forward, starts at your shoulders, but I see a lot of unsure people ask about this one.
  • arm pit length - Starts at the top of your, er, armpit's crease.
  • bra strap length - Now this one gets questioned a lot, too. Bra strap length starts on the top of your strap. Who and why someone came up with using a bra as an indicator instead of a body part is beyond me.
  • mid back length - Is usually right below a standard bra strap. It more accurately starts in the middle of your back. To be accurate, measure your back from your shoulders to tailbone, then take away the bottom half.
  • waist length - Starts at the smallest part of your waist, this can be very varying from person to person.
  • hip length - Hip length starts at the hip bone, but many don't know where the hip bone is and it's hard to describe. It's kinda where it looks like your legs start. Here's a slightly erotic picture to get a better idea.
  • tail bone length - This one also confuses people. It's usually located around the middle of your hips. If humans had tails, this is where they'd grow out of. More specifically this location is located... well, right above our butt... cracks...
  • classic length- This length is half your height, so measure yourself, subtract the bottom half, and this is where your classic length starts.
  • mid thigh length - You can usually tell by just looking, but if you want to be accurate, bend your leg, measure your thigh, again subtract the half from below, and that is where it starts.
  • knee length - Where your hair starts to touch your knee
  • calf length - Starts in the middle of your calf, just like thigh length.
  • ankle (fairytale) length - Where your hair starts to touch your ankles.
  • floor length - Starts on the floor. (I get the mental image of your hair becoming like a broom.)

Some people have their slightly different definitions, but I find these to be the accurate ones that must girls agree upon. You can even see the mix up in hair length labels from looking at charts. Test yourself! See if you can tell why each chart is right or wrong.

(Very accurate!)

(A little misleading.)


When talking about hair labels, it's always important to keep in mind everyone has different body proportions. Just because you have the same length label with someone doesn't mean you have the same length in measurement.


KLP on February 10, 2014 at 9:19 AM said...

Hair length charts are frustrating because they can be misleading but they are simply guidelines not rules and they are a way for you to track your own progress not necessarily for you to compare your progress to someone else's.

KLP | SavingOurStrands

Yahya on February 11, 2014 at 1:39 AM said...

@klp, interesting, I didn't know some people used hair length charts to compare hair progress. like I said before, everyone has different proportions, so you can't even accurately compare people.

one thing though, I'm having a hard time understanding the part of your comment regarding guidelines and rules. from my understanding guidelines are general rules, guiding instruction, so I'm reading them like synonyms...

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