Sunday, May 5, 2013

crazy growth overload!

Posted by Yahya at 3:44 PM
this is a recording of my hair growth for the past several months. recently I was participating in a hair growth challenge, well actually, I started it rather then being just a participant! it started the first of january and ended the last day of march, lasting 3 months. it was called 'The Super Ultra Crazy Growth Overload Challenge,' awesome name right? each participant had to do a certain number of hair growth practices, as the goal was to reach 3 inches in 3 months. for those of you who don't know, the average growth rate is 1/2 an inch per month.

when I started my hair length was 25 inches, reaching waist length. and my usual growth rate is 1/2 an inch every 5 weeks. on february 10, however, I measured my hair and it had reached to 26 inches. in 5 weeks! and double my normal growth! my hair didn't grow evenly though, but it still looked acceptable.

usually my hair grows pretty evenly, but it's been handicapped due to the protein overload I went through about half a year ago. usually girls that go through this lose a lot of inches, I'm just grateful I only lost one inch of predicted growth.  I didn't lose any inches I already had, my hair still grew!

although my end were evened out after a little trim, the thickness in my ends were gone. you can see how my hair looked below...

and the regimen I followed that lead me to gaining an inch was...
  • use sulfur/jbco (jamacian black castor oil) mix twice a week
  • mini scalp massage after applying growth aids
  • use cayenne pepper oil 30 minutes before washing
  • wash/co-wash every once a week
  • bun whenever at home and baggy for at least an hour
  • ghe method (green house effect) two times overnight
  • dust hair once a month 
  • daily multivitamin, garlic, fish oil, and zinc supplements

as it became the middle of my semester, however, I started slacking on this schedule. the only things I continued doing was dusting, taking my supplements, bunning, and sometimes using cayenne pepper (I would forget x p). but somehow, when I measured my hair on the last week of the challenge, my longest hairs reached to 28 inches. that was a big surprise as I wasn't even following my regimen anymore. I had gained an inch and a half in 7 weeks! my hypothesis is that it was the zinc. looking it up, zinc is suppose to benefit hair growth, but I never see many health hair journey girls talk about it. I'll be testing this soon though, by using just zinc and seeing if I see a difference.

by the end of the challenge, my ends were so stringy I trimmed an inch, but accidently trimmed two off. oops, oh well. my hair needed it though. so currently I'm back to 26 inches, with 3 inches of new growth. the picture right above is the same as the one with the purple shirt below, but I stretch my hair out so you can see the length better as my hair wasn't perfectly straight. because my hair isn't flat ironed like in the first collage, you can notice my thin ends better.


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