Monday, April 21, 2014

roots-only applicator review

Posted by Yahya at 9:22 AM
I’ve been using the roots-only applicator a lot recently and it’s really been helping me out on my stretch. What is it? Instead of the typical applicator with one nozzle, the roots-only applicator has many nozzles in the shape of a comb like in the image shown. This makes applying product to the scalp much easier. You just press the tips of the nozzles against your scalp and gently squeeze the bottle as you comb your roots. I often use it while my hair is in a bun or ponytail.

As you can see from the pic, the bottle size is rather small. The applicator, however, can unscrew and fit on other, bigger sized bottles. I have several bottles that the roots-only nozzle fits, so the thing is always getting traded around. I use the roots-only applicator for applying growth aids, shampoo, and tea directly to my scalp.
  • growth aids - When applying things like sulfur oil with a normal applicator nozzle, you usually have to part your hair before applying for even distribution. This process can takes about a half an hour, but with the roots-only nozzle, it only takes five minutes!
  • shampoo – The key to healthy hair and growth is a clean scalp and moisturized hair. For us dry haired girls, shampooing our hair too often can dry it out, but we also shouldn’t neglect our scalps. This is why when shampooing the proper technique is to focus on massaging the shampoo in your scalp and then using the suds to gently cleanse the rest of your hair. The roots-only applicator takes this another step further. It makes cleansing your scalp more precise, allowing less product to be used. Also, there’s less shampoo suds to rinse through your hair, making it like a cowash. This is a good way to keep your new growth from drying out and tangling.
  • tea – I’ve been using black tea more often to combat shedding. Most girls use it by doing rinses, but since shedding takes place in the scalp I’ve been using the roots-only applicator to coat my scalp more effectively. When I want to use my indian powders, and want to minimize their strengthening or drying effects, I’ll also make them into a tea and apply them with the roots-only nozzle.
Bottom line, this applicator is very useful and makes life easier.     


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