Tuesday, November 5, 2013

meeko & another pocahontas

Posted by Yahya at 3:30 PM
Sooooorry, this is the probably the latest post I've done. How long has it been since my last, three weeks? My college work really piled this weekend ...even now, and I'm still catching up. ;_;

You might have noticed my new meeko raccoon icon. I've decided that I need to be more cautious about labeling my hair pics, so he's going to be my little signature. Yes, I have a weakness for cute things.

Last week was my first time being referenced by a video! I was just one of many length comparison photos, but it's still nice to have been used. The video was by upcoming youtuber Longnhealthy, she's been gaining popularity for her eye catching growth aid videos. She's tried various things and usually sees note worthy results. In Hairlista, I joined her 6 inches in 6 months growth challenge group since I would be testing my growth aids around the same given time period. Both of us use Pocahontas as our hair inspirations! Great minds think alike. Here she talks of how she does the inversion method and shows people, like me, who had success using the method. 

Oh! And side a note, remember when I said that I think the inversion method was given a name after it entered the afro hair care community? I was right! It think longnhealthy who coined the term.


Sunny Side-Up on November 6, 2013 at 10:26 PM said...

I think I might have to give the inversion method a try. I do wonder though if you gain 1 inch as well as the usual 1/2 inch a month (total of 1 and 1/2 inch in 1 month) or does the 1 inch of sudden growth negate the 1/2 inch that your hair would have grew if the inversion method was not used (leaving you at 1 inch of growth for the month)? By any chance do you know?

I also read your blog post about the GHE method and it sounds interesting. I am considering implementing that as well into my hair regimen.


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