Saturday, October 5, 2013

my hair regimen (flow chart version)

Posted by Yahya at 11:58 AM
On wash days I really do my hair by feel rather than a schedule. I feel that schedules are good when your hair is malnourished and your just starting on your hair journey, but then when your hair regains health you have to be specific about your hair's needs. It's like feeding a malnourished child. First, your focus is to get food into him until he is meatier and relatively healthy. Then you want to make sure he has a balanced diet so he can become a vision of health. Hair works similarly, where a perfectly balanced diet is balancing your moisture and protein, also your porosity and elasticity. With relaxed hair, this is especially true as your hair has to be in a more perfect balance to be healthy and stable. It's easier to tilt and get breakage.

So since I do everything from feel, writing about my regimen has always been a bit of a challenge since what I do varies a lot. I feel it never comes out clear, but complicated. Well, because it is complicated. My hair regimen doesn't even resemble a schedule. To try to make my hair regimen clearer I decided to make it into a flow chart. Not sure if it worked... so I might write it out another time. You can also find the written version of my regimen on Relaxed Hair Health and Hairlista.

note : Colored arrows mean that that path is fairly specific or only specific to that path's start. For ex: only when I use a moisture deep conditioner before washing might I use the roux ph corrector to leave-in path.


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