Friday, August 21, 2015

water's relationship with our hair (hair art)

Posted by Yahya at 12:35 PM

Water and hair that frizzes has an irregular relationship. Outside of our little online hair care niche, there's still many colored girls that believe that water is the enemy. Even for us that know otherwise, we might not want to jump head first for fret of messing up our preserved hairstyle or having to go through the task of washing out the sea salt residue later. This is a dilemma that relaxed heads, naturals, and everyone in between are eligible of facing. I'm not saying there's anything wrong in missing the occasional pool party or beach trip, it's when it gets to the point where it feels like you're being tied down by your own hair.

Hair shouldn't hold you back from enjoying life. I love swimming. Being able to float when completely enveloped in water just gives a sense of letting go, and for me, that feeling is worth having your hair turn wild afterwards. It's a mark that you enjoyed yourself.

Summer is almost over, so if you haven't hit the water yet, this might be your last chance. Just don't forget to prep your hair first. Make sure it's already wet with fresh water, coat it with some conditioner and oil, and tie it up before diving in. That way it's harder for it to absorb the chlorine or sea salt. And if you have the choice between the pool and the beach, from experience I believe the beach is the healthier option. Salt, though usually in smaller amounts, actually aids in conditioning. When I coat my hair in conditioner before submerging in salt water, I hardly notice drying when coming out.  

The number of days counting down goes for me, too. Yes, I"m one of the ones you hasn't gotten to hit the water yet, summer just went by so quick! So this is my last post for August, cause I'm going to Florida. See ya!

This art piece started in pencil, was scanned, then colored in and shaded on Gimp.
(If you haven't noticed, I've been having fun with gifs lately.)


Colleen on October 4, 2015 at 3:42 PM said...

Yayyy a new update. I love your website on haircare and the graphs are a nice touch. Same here, when I go to the beach I always do a wash n go with extra conditioner loaded up in my hair to combat saltwater.

Ankita Mishra on October 8, 2015 at 5:00 AM said...
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