Sunday, October 26, 2014

absence (& introducing hair art)

Posted by Yahya at 9:43 PM
Hello everyone! I know some of you have been wondering where I've been. Now that I'm in my junior year of college, working part time, and have other things in my life I have to pay attention to, I just have not had the time to blog. So I just wanted to officially announce my absence so you guys don't think that PHS is over or anything. Right now, the site is just taking a break. I might manage to post every now and then, but it's not going to be on a schedule or frequent. 

You might have also noticed the site is going through a little change. I'm still working on it, but again, been too busy to finish it up.

Another change I intend to make is to post hair themed artwork every now and then. I'm just getting use to creating artwork on the computer. This is actually only my second-third time. I drew the image below first by drawing an outline in pencil, scanning it, then coloring and shading it on Gimp. 

You guys didn't know I was an artist, did you?


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