Sunday, April 28, 2013

healthy vs. damaged hair

Posted by Yahya at 10:56 AM
"Relaxed hair is just damaged hair."

This is the message the media has been sending nowadays, so having healthy relaxed hair might seem like an oxymoron. In reality, all hair is damaged to a certain degree, so just saying "healthy hair" is an oxymoron. Damaged literally means 'harmed' and 'impaired value of normal function'. Hair products work by fixing the damages in our hair -if our hair was in perfect condition, hair products would not work on it. Ever notice how soft and nice a new born baby's hair is? They're the only ones how can really claim to have healthy hair, as their hair has not been exposed to the damaging conditions of the sun, wind, clothing, etc. So truthfully everyone has damaged hair, and damage can be fixed by treating it with products (not to perfect condition though.)

What healthy and damaged really means in hair language is how it looks cosmetically. Healthy hair is hair that does not break easily, has a good amount of elasticity, has a proper balance of moisture and protein, and has a low or medium porosity. The more things you do not have from this list, the more damaged your hair is. Processes like perming, dying, relaxing, and bleaching damage the hair to a bigger degree than that of outside elements (sun, wind...), but that does not mean the hair will forever be damaged. That's like saying dry natural hair can never by soft and moisturized.

Understanding this, you will understand why saying, "I don't care how healthy your hair looks, it's unhealthy," to a relaxed head doesn't make sense.


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