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Hello! My name is Khaya, but you all can call me by my nickname, Yahya. I'm currently a college student and have been on my healthy hair for... about four years? My area of expertise is chemically straightened afro textured hair, but this blog can be appreciated by anyone who is interested in hair care. The characteristics of my hair? Coarse (large cuticle size), thick (meaning many follicles), and my hair type is in the 3b-4a area.

I'm Trinidadian American. For those of you who don't know, the majority of the Trinidadian population is of African and Indian descent, and Chinese is also in the minorities. So yes, I have mixed heritage, but if you ask me how much of what I am I won't know how to answer. Well, because there isn't a real answer. Race isn't biological, and so doesn't really work in the genetic percentages people usually give them. I'm mixed, I don't know to what extent, but that doesn't really matter because my hair is kinky-curly textured, chemically straightened, and it would have never reached this length or health if I hadn't started my hair journey.


Why did I choose to name my blog after Pocahontas? She was my favorite Disney princess as a child and was one of my most influential role models. (I don't care if she's not real or for kids!) -Another reason was because of the belief most Native tribes held regarding long hair. Many believed long hair was more than just style, but symbolized overall health, strength, and gave them more connection with their surroundings. This is also a belief in traditional Ayurveda. Scientists now theorize that hair is in fact an extension of the nervous system. They're like antennas and make us more sensitive to the world around us.

Hair is an extension of the heart.
(When I say this, I means two things.)

I don't believe in the phrase "it's just hair"--to a certain extent. (I say to a certain extent because there a girls out there that treat hair care like a religion.) Hair is an accessory, but one that is more linked to our identity. It's not artificial like the clothes, shoes, and jewelry we wear. Our faces have the most influence on our appearance and identity, hair frames our faces and we can change it in so many ways. How we choose to wear and take care of it can tell a lot about ourselves. It a natural accessory, and it's the most defining because it's apart of us.

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